5 Ways To Find Startup Jobs

5 Ways To Find Startup Jobs

What if we told you there was a way to get job even before they were advertised? Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Much lesser people would know about it and your chances of landing that startup job would increase. So, how does that really work? Here are 5 ways of landing unadvertised startup jobs!

1. Sniff out your personal network!
If you are looking for a job, you are probably at the age where your friends are also looking for them or are working somewhere. So, contact them. Ask them to help you find any job at your area of specialization if possible. To those people you are not so close to, send an email asking them to be on the lookout for any job and help you land it if possible. You can also ask your relatives and acquaintances you know are working in big firms and organizations if they are looking to hire any freelancers or if any freelancer jobs are available.

2. Expand your network
Go out there and attend conferences and attach more links and people to your name. It's much easier to get a job if you put yourself out there, as opposed to just sitting at home and browsing websites for one. Go meet people at conferences and you might just land an internship. Do some work or unpaid internship so that you can get a good recommendation. In other words, keep doing something and do not sit idle.

3. Apply to companies and let them know what they are lacking
If a startup company is offering a job, there must be other fields that are growing as well. And other that they are quite not so sure of. Apply to these companies and tell skills you possess that could help them expand in other areas of their business and they might realize what they lack and be impressed and hire you.

4. Be up to date about the industry
Keep a close eye on the launches of new companies. Remember, the sooner you apply, the more chance of you landing a job at these companies as new companies are looking for people to hire immediately. If you are faster than others and possess the required skills, we believe you will receive good news. Also, with new companies, you have a chance to be in direct contact with their owners and founders so will learn a lot and will be able to make powerful contacts that might help you land an even better job opportunity in the future.

5. Research away!
Many people do not put in a lot of effort to find remote hidden jobs on Google and Twitter. To find hidden and remote jobs, it is imperative you use an advanced search on Twitter and Google’s tools to conduct a thorough research on these pages to find jobs that very less people have seen or found.

These were a few tips to find unadvertised startup jobs before the rest. Also, before you start trying out these methods, do decide what exactly you are in search for. Do you want to be hired as a freelancer working from home or do you want a proper job? After you are sure of what you want to achieve, start searching. Goodluck!