6 Tips To Find Freelancers

6 Tips To Find Freelancers

Find Freelancers For Your Startup

If you own a small business, or are new to the world of digital marketing, it is obviously hard to afford full time employees to do the work for you. So, what to do? Well, guess what. There’s an easy way for you to not overburden yourself and let others do some work for you all the while staying within your budget. How? Hire a freelancer! Freelancers work from home or online with you and complete certain tasks for you. Now, it is true that there are a lot of freelancers out there and even though everyone is skilled in their own ways, some will probably leave you wondering why you even hired them in the first place. Confused on how to find one suited to your needs? Here’s a few tips for you!

1. What are you looking for?
Well, there’s a lot of things you could hire a freelancer for but it's better to look at your business and see where it stands. What tasks need to be done? What are your current employees lacking? What are the areas that need improvement? What skills does your business lag in? Take all these things into account and then hire a freelancer according to what suits your needs and where you need more work done.

2. What is your budget?
Yes, you will need to pay them less than full time-employees but that does not in any way mean that they will agree to whatever price you name. Even freelancers have their own demands and thoughts on what they think they should deserve. Also, as it is in every business, the quality of work will depend on how much you are willing to pay your freelancers. Hence, set up a budget. Decide a fair price and then look to hire freelancers. Be okay with negotiating a little. For better and more professional work, never look for the cheapest options. Remember, if you pay a little more than you were willing to right now, it will help you better in the future. You will get better quality work, causing you to bring in more clients. And well, that’s the end goal, right?

3. Look close to home first
Before you go any further, look around your own network first. Research amongst people that you already know in your industry and ask around for any available freelancers. Ask your clients, business partners or friend companies and businesses for any recommendations. This way, you will be hiring someone who already has a basic know how of how everything works and will be able to perform better than any new comers or someone who does not anything about the industry. With that being said, we are definitely not saying that you do not give a chance to fresh and new people. As we have emphasized on the point below.

4. Introduce a new face to your business through advertising
Yes, hiring someone who has already been introduced to the industry is a good idea but brining a fresh face is also essential to give your business and yourself a new perspective. A freelancer not already exposed to your industry will have new things to bring to the table which is definitely good for business.

5. Now comes the hard part
Now all the advertising and sniffing around the network is done, and CVs of applicants are pouring in. Assess all of them carefully. Some of them might have no experience in your area, but may be showing some good skills. Some may not have anything of interest to you at all. And then there’s those, that have experience and skill. Set aside the ones who do not interest you and then start concentrating on the other 2 categories.


5. Now comes the hard part
Just do not pick any one you come across. If you do not find any one interesting, wait. Since choosing the wrong one could cost you. What if they do not submit their work on times? You’ll have to make excuses on their behalf then and you could lose clients. Plus, word travels fast in business. If you lose even client due to a mistake like this, you could lose even more potential clients. Hence, be a little picky and choose wisely. And well, if you do seem to be in a hurry and choose one, test them first before you start unloading everything onto them. See if they are up for it, if they are doing their work right and are skilled enough. Well, if all that happens, congratulation! you have a just hired a skilled freelancer for your company!
So, these were a few tips to help you in the search of finding a good freelancer. So, what are you waiting for? Start searching!