Best Startups in the World to Learn From
Best Startups in the World to Learn From

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The road to success for a startup business is not always easy. More than 12 % of startup ventures end up in failure. But that is not what we are here for. We are here to let our readers know about the best startups in the world. The ones who have survived and thrived over the years. Each successful startup can teach us something; we can learn a lot from their success. The one with the highest success rates often teaches us more than others. 

We will try to help our readers know the reasons behind the success of these startups. Here are the best startups in the world to learn from.



It is the best startup business we can learn from. It started as a photo-sharing app. It was released on the play store for android users. With time, it sets the download record and got 50 million users all around the world. The incredible thing about this startup is that they did not have any marketing budget. Still, they managed to get a huge fan base. The only ones that kept them going were its users. They relied on its users to make it a success. Finally, Facebook bought the application for $1 billion. 

The lesson we learn from it, create something unique and have faith. Your users will speak for you.



It is a website and application that allows users to share images and things that interest them. It has a community of users who prefer to look for pictures on its virtual pinboard. It is the third-largest social media network that is being visited and used by users worldwide. It has a massive collection of images and visuals.

The lesson we learn from Pinterest is, keep things simple and easy to use, and users will like it.



It is a music app that allows users to create personalized music albums based on their links. It works on the choices and taste of users in music. It shows music recommendations based on the search made by its users. It is what keeps its users on board. According to an estimate, Pandora is expected to raise $231 million from its 10 million shares.

The lesson we learn from Pandora is that it gives your users the freedom to create personalized music and be your loyal customers forever.



It is a ride-hailing application, just like Uber and Careem. It allows its users to hire a ride in 20 citifies. The main cities are London, New York, Moscow. This application was first launched in Israel, but it expanded its business in American and Europe after colossal success. It has more than 1 million users now. Companies such as Google is on their enterprise clients. Gett has by far have earned a whopping $42 million. 

The lesson we get from Gett is that customize your app according to its market and offer different options.

There are shortcuts to success. Startups are not easy to start, let alone make it a success. Whatever lesson you learn from these startup entrepreneurs, keep them in mind because it requires much more than a good idea to be successful.