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It’s fun to work in our office at Founding Startups we have team of professional in all areas. We are equal opportunity employer because we believe in talent and performance. We compensate our employee for their performance because we care for our employees and reward for their hard work. We hire the best, our teams are scattered to many places. One of the advantages of working with Founding Startup is availability to be remote and work from home. We value our employees and partners and recognize their effort so you are your own boss and allocated the time according to your convenience since we have teams all over the places we connect through Hi-tech technology and use all the tools

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Best Place to Work:

Nothing is the best place to work is where you feel like to work and when you feel like to work. We do not follow regular timing of business as usual but you manage your own time. We are more focused on the accomplishment and achievements. In our office we have many amenities for our employees we offer to provide our employees a relax environment where they enjoy the work and make the work fun.

Work Life Balance:

Learn from experiences, we as Tech Company much interested in our workforce work life balance. We already allowed our workforce to stay remote and work from home, after COVID-19 we improved our existing tools to increase efficiency and provide better connectivity for our employees.