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Who we are?

We are a group of professionals working to provide freelancers with work and to enable entrepreneurs to hire freelancers, find investors, and cofounders for the growth of their business. You are free to work on your passion and skills as a freelancer at Foundingstarups.com. You can also showcase your skills without running out of opportunities. A piece of good news for business owners and entrepreneurs is that they are not only welcome to complete their projects, but also to find an investor to help them grow their business and revenue. Our main goal is to help people who want to reach for the stars with their talent, services, and skills.

What we are doing?

Foundingstartups was founded to provide an independent space for freelancers, clients, entrepreneurs, and business owners. If you are a client or an entrepreneur, we invite you to visit our marketplace to complete your tasks. The best thing about startup.com is its strategy of connecting entrepreneurs with investors and cofounders. We are assuring the emerging talents and individual freelancers that you are valuable and precious to us.

What we are offering?

Mohamed Baig, the website's founder, created it intending to provide a comprehensive list of freelancing work, including Freelancing and Freelancer-related work (writing and translation, programmers, audio and video category, graphic designing, data science, video and animation).

Furthermore, a few more categories are added to uplift our marketplace in the freelancing world including startup jobs, startups funding, investors, tech startups, social networking of entrepreneurs, product launch marketing, startups and business launch videos, learning emerging technologies and co-founders. Everything is designed to provide you with the best service possible as soon as possible.

To whom we serve?

We are pleased to inform you that we have no commissions and late payment transfers. Like on other freelancer's platform you have to pay a deduction fee for working as a freelancer. However, we have this competitive advantage, you don't need to pay a single penny to us after completing your project successfully. Also, there are no such rules for late payment transfers. Get your money in your pocket as soon as you completed your assigned project.

Why choose us?

We as a professional team of Foundingstartups, dedicated to providing you with a platform where you can showcase your skills. We are working to assist both new and experienced freelancers in selling their skills with enthusiasm and dedication. This is a fantastic website where you can hire both new and experienced freelancers to help you get your work done quickly. Also, Find investors for your new business ventures. Complete your work by the deadline. Complete your work following your specifications. You will receive your payments without delay or high deduction fee.