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I run a company that executes modern digital marketing strategies for small and medium-sized companies in Denmark. To gain experience with new markets, I made this Fiverr account. I have a great passion for Digital Marketing and I've worked with ads on platforms such as Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, LinkedIn and others. Throughout my career I have experienced Affiliate Marketing, Brand Development, Facebook Marketing, Instagram, Messenger, LinkedIn and worked closely with my partner who sets up websites. Tracking results that boost your business Due to my experience, I guarantee a close dialogue throughout the whole process. I will show you the results online and, in close contact with you, we will find the perfect solution to increase your sales and brand awareness online. B2C or B2B Whether your business is selling retails online to end customers or you are trying to sell your products to other businesses, we will find a solution. In my opinion, the best marketing solutions are creative solutions. I know all strategies that e.g. Facebook offers - and I believe that tracking is crucial for your business improvement

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