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I am highly interested in investing in the latest technology innovative electronics product which uses augmented and virtual technology. I have vast experience and invested in many...
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An accredited individual investor who is interested in energy, engineering, and software opportunities.
we invest in Information Technology early-stage companies. Only information technology. Please review our website (silvercreekfund) to see if Silver Creek is a fit - early-stage i...
First of all I am partnered with an accredited investor and am looking for companies that require mezzanine financing. I have my own capitol up to 25-50k in the right circumstances...
Private company focused on start ups and early stage investments - seed or growth capital. Software, Medical, Medical Device, Technology, Real Estate.
Developmental, Concept or early growth companies.
We focus on companies that have a proven business model, while also branching out to other opportunities when necessary. We focus on internet, software, entertainment (non-music),...
Every company with high growth potential, a strong idea that solves a real problem proven to create pain.
Commsoft Partners LCC is a private equity, investing and consulting firm composed of seasoned business operators
At the Pasadena Angels, we provide emerging growth companies with an unparalleled level of support. We understand that building and sustaining a successful business requires more t...
Finance Your Business Dreams with Help from Our Asset-Based Lending Organization! Apple Capital Group, Inc. is a nationwide commercial lender that offers a full suite of capital so...