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We respect your privacy on using a public resource that is accessible by anyone. This policy is made to give you the best user experience with no stress of data loss.


Our policies are only for our users who visit the websites and invest their time. Here we are detailing every single point of data stored by us and its purpose. Your data will not be shared or collected other than the mentioned ways to anyone.


Your data is completely safe with the service provider and will not be used other than giving you better convenience of use. My request to every user is to visit the Terms and Privacy page to get basic information before using the services. By accepting the terms of use and Privacy Policy you are bound to the website's action on the usage of the service.

Table of contents:

  1. Children’s Privacy
  2. Collection of Information
  3. Why it is required
  4. Contact forms
  5. Cookies
  6. External links and Data Sharing
  7. Duration of Data Retention
  8. Contact Us

Children’s Privacy

I understand your young mind wants to explore this coding world and for that I want guardians to ensure the limitation and usage of their child’s learnings. Our policy and terms say that anyone above 18, can use this website and adhere to the terms.

Collection of Information

Information provided by you is safe and will not be re-shared by me with any third party. Information I collect like Log data (sent by your server), IP address, date & time, how long you stay on the site( whenever you browse our website).

Why it is required

Your visit to any website shows your interest. The longer you stay, the more interested you are. So, to give you the ease of access to what you want I collect this basic information. Whenever you browse next it automatically detects you through your information and notified and guide you through your interested search. The only purpose is to communicate with website users to maintain their comfort and usability.

Contact forms

The data you provide in the contact form will be used in the future for contacting you. It happens in the necessary cases like when you want to reach us with any query and your provided details help us to respond to you with the solution.


Cookies make your search easy for the next time. It works like a non-existing mind who keeps track of your searches and directs you to your interesting pages. Your consent to cookie usage is totally up to you, it doesn’t affect the services much but is useful if you want to repeat your visit.

External links and Data Sharing

To monitor and analyse I use Third Party Services, Google Analytics. It monitors the use of services and tracks website traffic. In this process, google analytics tracks the users’ behaviour by creating a unique id to get valuable data, not any personal information of any users.

Duration of Data Retention

The time you close your association with us, your data gets destroyed immediately.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

The time you close your association with us, your data gets destroyed immediately.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

We may update our Privacy Policy from time to time.

Contact Us

Any concern in regards to our terms and policy are our concern too. To get any information and to opt for any option, if you wish to consult I am open to connect with you. Contact me by filling the contact form OR

Contact via email: